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Complete Program Announced!

13 Apr

I can finally fill you in on what Bridget has been working so hard on. Now, along side the John Bulmer retrospective, we have “Seen But Not Heard” a collection of photographs by photographers who have focused on children and childhood. They are as follows:

Jan Von HollebenDreams of Flying

Michelle SankInterface

Edmund Clark – Baby Fathers

Julia Fullerton-Batten – Teenage Stories

Vee Speers – The Birthday Party

Ali RichardsPlaygrounds

Wiebke Leister – Hals über Kopf

Simon Wheatley – Don’t Call Me Urban

Clare Richardson – Harlemville

These photographs will be shown at the Courtyard from 14th May to 15th June.

The Group title of the exhibitions is “Once Upon A Time” and we are including a seminar day as well. I will post more about that soon.

Please have a look at the photographers’ websites I have included. The talent here is outstanding. I am so excited, as a photographer myself, to be working with such an exceptional collection of work. I will write more soon. Its all going to happen fast from here on out.



7 Apr

Everyone likes to eat so I thought I’d make a quick entry to let you know some of the good places to eat in Hereford.

If you are what some call a “foodie,” I would suggest The Stewing Pot. They source their produce locally and have an exciting menu. It’s near the Cathedral on Church Street.

If you are a vegetarian, Nutter’s Cafe is an excellent place for homemade veggie dishes. Even if you aren’t a vegetarian, this cafe is good! Try their desserts. They are wonderful. Nutter’s Cafe is just off Church Street in a little alley called Capuchin Yard. Watch out for the sandwich board, it will lead you the right way.

If you want some good coffee or lunch, try the Moka Bar, also on Church Street. Their daily specials are always good.

Miro Bar and Grill is a nice place to get a steak. Located on Union Street not far from the square, they specialize in Hereford beef! With modern decor and a lovely atmosphere, Miro’s is a great place to go for a drink as well. They also serve lighter lunches if you aren’t after a big fat steak.

One last recommendation for the veggies and vegans is Cafe Green! The salad choice is great! Cafe Green is run by eco friendly folks and is also an internet cafe. You can find Cafe Green at 39-43 Owen Street, not far from the heart of the city.

If its just a sandwich you are after, try Number 10 on Church Street. A good selection of sandwich fillers and an ever changing specials board.

If you aren’t too full, or just fancy something sweet, in the city centre, there is an ice cream stand with out door seating. The location in the city centre makes for some great people watching!

These don’t meet your requirements? Well, Hereford is full of lovely eateries. Church Street is a great to start, but if you wander around, there are plenty of places to be discovered.

Lastly, if you fancy a picnic, try the area referred to as Castle Green or Castle Pool and Cantilupe Gardens. Once part of Hereford Castle grounds, it is the perfect site to spend a lazy afternoon with the family.