Student Exhibition

5 May

Apologies for my absence. I have been busy organizing the website. If you haven’t seen it, its looking good. There are slide shows with images from two of our exhibitions. We have also posted details of the student exhibition.

This year the students and staff of Hereford College of Art turned their lenses to the Herefordshire town of Ledbury. The outcome is a portrait of the small town from varying perspectives and many different approaches. The work is interesting for this reason.

One thing that should also be mentioned is that all the images were taken on film. There is no digital work here. I find this important, and this is my own opinion as a photographer, because film slows every thing down. You make more considered decisions when you are working with film. Film takes a different effort than digital photography. Digital photography has almost an endless quality because you can keep taking photos until you are satisfied without much cost or effort spent processing the images. Film is an entirely different discipline. Some of which takes a lot of younger photographers out of their element as they have become photographers during the digital age. But all of the students (and staff) involved embraced the challenge and produced exciting images for this exhibition.

The exhibition, Ledbury 17th February, 2009, will be held at the Cider Museum from 15th May to 21st June.


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