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Jackie Nickerson

13 Oct

Just to whet your photographic appetites before our first event with Jackie Nickerson (29 October, Hereford College of Art), here is a short interview with Nickerson where she talks about her series “Farm.” Enjoy!


Get out your diaries!

7 Oct

Hello dear readers!
We have some news for you. Here and here are the events planned for our festival.

Please keep in mind, that the ticketed events are on a first come first serve basis, so pre-book through the Courtyard to avoid disappointment.

Jackie Nickerson. Girl in a Green Dress, 2007

We are looking forward to all the different events and hope you are too. The opening day of the festival, 29th October, has a few different things happening. First we have Jackie Nickerson talking about her work at Hereford College of Arts Media Center (Bath Street Campus) from 12.30pm to 1:30pm. The work featured at HPF comes from her series Ten Miles Round. These photographs focus on her own community in Co. Louth on the Northeast coast of Ireland. I will let Jackie tell you more. Be sure to be there on Friday 29th October.

And right after Jackie Nickerson at 2pm, we have the guided tour of the *20 exhibition with our curator, Paul Seawright. This will take place at the Hereford Museum and Art Gallery. This will be a great event as Paul has been a supporter and fan of the festival for many years. See for yourself. This is what the man had to say about HPF:

The Hereford Photography Festival has been bringing photography and photographers to rural Herefordshire for twenty years.Hereford has welcomed photography with a generosity and enthusiasm only exceeded by that of the many photographers who have been involved along the way.Hereford Photography Festival, until recently, was the only annual photography festival in the UK. It has always had a documentary flavour, although has never consciously adopted that title. Much of the work in TWENTY might be situated at the axis of looking out and looking in; photographers who are not only interested in how the world looks when photographed, but conscious of their place within it. Many of the locations shown here are the photographers’ home towns and cities.

The selection of twenty photographers for a celebratory exhibitions was a challenge. It would have been easy to choose twenty household names, or the most fashionable photographers, but not without ignoring those elements of the festival that have remained democratic from the start. Equally, I had no stomach for curating an exhibition that chronicled the journey of the festival – with the participants’ names getting progressively more recognisable and the work increasingly contemporary – as the festival evolved. In order to avoid such a mistake we are exhibiting primarily recent work.

Hereford Photography Festival has always been a photographers’ project; started by enthusiasts and sustained by artists happy to see their work reach new audiences outside of predictable city spaces. It has maintained an open submission show alongside the curated exhibitions, with many of those photographers invited back in subsequent years. It is perhaps fitting then, that a photographer – and not a curator – has selected the work TWENTY. Many of the photographers were at the start of their careers when they first exhibited in Hereford and the exhibition is a genuine reflection of that full twenty-year period.

Paul Seawright
Photographer and co-curator TWENTY

Behold, our new poster!

7 Oct

Hello Dear Readers.

Just wanted to show off this lovely poster for the festival. If you look at the left side, that is a list of ALL of the photographers (excluding Fringe events) featured in our festival! That’s one mighty list!

Hope to see you there!