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Operation Re-start Blog!

30 Sep

Well Folks, its been rather a long time since we’ve let you know what we’ve been getting up to. I’m pleased to announce, that we are all fine and dandy and been working very hard to put together our 20th Year Celebration! This year’s festival is set to be bigger and better than ever, with a whole host of fantastic photographic work on offer. ‘Twenty’ the focus for this year’s festival is a retrospective of photographers whose work has featured in previous festivals over the last two decades. Alongside this we have ‘Open Here’ the exhibition resulting from our open submission, which showcases some brilliant new talent. We will also be showing Ken Grant’s and Stuart Whipps’ new work commissioned by Hereford Futures. We will put more details about each exhibition and dates for your diary over the coming weeks as we count down to the opening, which by the way is 29th October at the Hereford Museum and Art Gallery. I will post a calendar with all the events, like artists talks, guided tours, and such in the next week so watch this space. Please feel free to leave us comments or ask us any questions you may have. We’d love to hear from you and see who is reading our blog!


New Editions

13 May

I have been meaning to post this bit of news for awhile! I didn’t even know about this piece of work until last week. But it sounds good and I am looking forward to seeing it! This project was supported by local organization, Rural Media. It is called Bromyard Forever- Photographs of life on a rural high street. The photographs are by Andrew Fox and will be shown at the Hereford Cathedral. Here is the blurb:

A celebration of local colour, resilience and unique personalities, alive and well in the rural high street. In these difficult economic times, Bromyard identified the urgency of valuing and supporting its local economy, and commissioned a top quality photographer to honour its distinctive nature.

The High Street still includes 2 independent greengrocers, 3 butchers, 2 bakers of which one still bakes its own bread on the premises, 4 pubs, a busy joinery workshop and various other shops that sell anything you could wish to buy. The exhibition is ‘hot off the press’, with Andrew being commissioned and undertaking the work, all within May 2009. Led by Bromyard and District History Society. Supported by Rural Media and funded though grassroots grants.

For times and dates check our website

There is also an event sponsored by collective artists’ group called static3. Carl Beebee and Jaime Jackson, from the group, have worked with young people to create their own questioning of stereotypes through taking ‘labelled’; reformatted into art, text and photograph banners, video art and performance take over the town. ‘Labelled’ focuses young people’s perceptions of self-identity and placing these ideas back into the heart of the town. This is a multi-site exhibition across the town from 28th May – 20th June with a Labelled art & performance event on Friday 29th May 6pm -10pm at the Heritage Centre, Bromyard Rowberry Street HR7 4DU.

Static is also a yearly program of contemporary art & amp; live audiovisual performances in Hereford. Static brings you some of the best photography, digital media, installation, video art, & vj performances Hereford and the region has to offer. In conjunction with the festival, they have taken over the empty retail space of Franklin House Shop on Commercial Road. Franklin House Shop windows will be playing host to ‘Windows on Art’ part of ‘Seen it, done it, got creative’ campaign promoting art in the county by Herefordshire Council, in partnership with the Edgar Street Grid and Hereford City Partnerships. As well as a display of artwork by art students at Hereford 6th Form College. They will be in residence from 4th,5th, 6th June and 11th,12th June 10am-6pm, with a special static3 end of show event on 12th June 6pm-10pm.

Seminar Cancelled

8 May

Due to previous commitments, several of our photographers could not make the seminar. Because of this we have decided to cancel the seminar.

Its not all bad news though. John Bulmer is speaking to the great Eamonn McCabe at the Hay Festival. I highly recommend checking this festival out. I went to see Don McCullin there last year. These interviews are great. Its rare we are given the chance to hear photographers like Bulmer speak about their work. For tickets and more information see the Hay festival website.

Student Exhibition

5 May

Apologies for my absence. I have been busy organizing the website. If you haven’t seen it, its looking good. There are slide shows with images from two of our exhibitions. We have also posted details of the student exhibition.

This year the students and staff of Hereford College of Art turned their lenses to the Herefordshire town of Ledbury. The outcome is a portrait of the small town from varying perspectives and many different approaches. The work is interesting for this reason.

One thing that should also be mentioned is that all the images were taken on film. There is no digital work here. I find this important, and this is my own opinion as a photographer, because film slows every thing down. You make more considered decisions when you are working with film. Film takes a different effort than digital photography. Digital photography has almost an endless quality because you can keep taking photos until you are satisfied without much cost or effort spent processing the images. Film is an entirely different discipline. Some of which takes a lot of younger photographers out of their element as they have become photographers during the digital age. But all of the students (and staff) involved embraced the challenge and produced exciting images for this exhibition.

The exhibition, Ledbury 17th February, 2009, will be held at the Cider Museum from 15th May to 21st June.

Complete Program Announced!

13 Apr

I can finally fill you in on what Bridget has been working so hard on. Now, along side the John Bulmer retrospective, we have “Seen But Not Heard” a collection of photographs by photographers who have focused on children and childhood. They are as follows:

Jan Von HollebenDreams of Flying

Michelle SankInterface

Edmund Clark – Baby Fathers

Julia Fullerton-Batten – Teenage Stories

Vee Speers – The Birthday Party

Ali RichardsPlaygrounds

Wiebke Leister – Hals über Kopf

Simon Wheatley – Don’t Call Me Urban

Clare Richardson – Harlemville

These photographs will be shown at the Courtyard from 14th May to 15th June.

The Group title of the exhibitions is “Once Upon A Time” and we are including a seminar day as well. I will post more about that soon.

Please have a look at the photographers’ websites I have included. The talent here is outstanding. I am so excited, as a photographer myself, to be working with such an exceptional collection of work. I will write more soon. Its all going to happen fast from here on out.


7 Apr

Everyone likes to eat so I thought I’d make a quick entry to let you know some of the good places to eat in Hereford.

If you are what some call a “foodie,” I would suggest The Stewing Pot. They source their produce locally and have an exciting menu. It’s near the Cathedral on Church Street.

If you are a vegetarian, Nutter’s Cafe is an excellent place for homemade veggie dishes. Even if you aren’t a vegetarian, this cafe is good! Try their desserts. They are wonderful. Nutter’s Cafe is just off Church Street in a little alley called Capuchin Yard. Watch out for the sandwich board, it will lead you the right way.

If you want some good coffee or lunch, try the Moka Bar, also on Church Street. Their daily specials are always good.

Miro Bar and Grill is a nice place to get a steak. Located on Union Street not far from the square, they specialize in Hereford beef! With modern decor and a lovely atmosphere, Miro’s is a great place to go for a drink as well. They also serve lighter lunches if you aren’t after a big fat steak.

One last recommendation for the veggies and vegans is Cafe Green! The salad choice is great! Cafe Green is run by eco friendly folks and is also an internet cafe. You can find Cafe Green at 39-43 Owen Street, not far from the heart of the city.

If its just a sandwich you are after, try Number 10 on Church Street. A good selection of sandwich fillers and an ever changing specials board.

If you aren’t too full, or just fancy something sweet, in the city centre, there is an ice cream stand with out door seating. The location in the city centre makes for some great people watching!

These don’t meet your requirements? Well, Hereford is full of lovely eateries. Church Street is a great to start, but if you wander around, there are plenty of places to be discovered.

Lastly, if you fancy a picnic, try the area referred to as Castle Green or Castle Pool and Cantilupe Gardens. Once part of Hereford Castle grounds, it is the perfect site to spend a lazy afternoon with the family.

Lets talk about Hereford

30 Mar

So, what else is there to do in Hereford other than the photography festival? We want you to make the most of your visit to our fair city.

The first thing I’d like to mention, which is pertinent to our own agenda at the festival, is the Guardian’s Hay Festival just down the road from Hereford in Hay-On-Wye. This annual festival has been running for 21 years and boasts a history of fascinating speakers and activities. Each year thousands of people arrive at the Brecon Beacons National Park to make an audience for politicians, movie stars, authors, artists, filmmakers, and to listen and learn about each speaker’s influences, ideas, and life. This year, one of our featured photographers, John Bulmer is speaking to Eamonn McCabe on 27th May at 1 PM.

One of Hereford’s proudest attractions is Hereford Cathedral. The Cathedral is home to the Hereford Mappa Mundi and the Chained Library. Hereford Cathedral has a fascinating history and would be a great addition to your day in Hereford. In previous years we have used its wall as part of our festival. As our program develops, it may become part of the exhibition again. There are guided walking tours that leave from the Tourist Information Centre near the Cathedral as well.

Hereford is cider country, and is home to Bulmers Cider. Hereford’s Cider Museum is a lovely addition to a trip to the city.

For accommodation, there is the Travelodge. But if you are looking for something with more local character, there is the Castle House Hotel, the Aylestone Court Hotel or Green Dragon Hotel.

I hope you have an enjoyable time in Hereford!

Next blog: Where to eat!